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Professional Foundation Repairs For The Structural Integrity Of Your Lexington Home

On the list of priorities as far as home improvement tasks go, nothing is quite as critical as foundation repairs. Many companies in Lexington won't even take on a job that requires repair work that affects the structural integrity. The good news is that you have Waterproofing Pros in your corner, ready to roll up our sleeves and help you save your home.

Foundation damage is more common than you realize, but many homeowners don't know immediately that a problem exists. It may be while remodeling or during a home inspection that you find out repairs are necessary.

Foundation repairs can also be time-consuming and costly, but we promise to do our best to cut down the expense and time required to complete your job. You can't take chances living in a home with foundation problems, so don't take a gamble with the quality of work that goes into making the repairs.

Monitor For Signs Of Foundation Damage

The last thing you want to do is wait for something disastrous to happen to find out you have existing foundation issues. To catch the need early that foundation repairs are in order, watch for signs like:

  • Separation between cabinets and/or countertops and walls
  • Doors and/or windows not closing properly
  • Visible cracks along walls, floors, or foundation
  • Sagging or bowing in flooring
  • Too much "settling" in your home

Some of these may not mean you have foundation problems, but they do mean it's time to bring in a professional for an assessment to get to the root of the problem.

A lot of issues start with problems in the crawlspace or basement, which is why jobs like crawlspace or basement waterproofing are so essential. Contact Waterproofing Pros with questions or to request a free quote.

Dealing With Foundation Repairs

Some homeowners can still sell their homes even with disclosed foundation problems but at a reduced price. Professional repairs are necessary if you want to get top-dollar or intend to stay in your home.

Our reputable team will give you an expert assessment about whether those settling cracks are normal or a red flag for repairs. To discuss your foundation repairs, contact Waterproofing Pros for quality care and service in Lexington.