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Crawlspace Waterproofing To Protect Your Central Kentucky Property

If your crawlspace is showing signs of water intrusion, then it is only a matter of time before the foundation begins to rot, the framing starts to deteriorate, floor joists, walls and subfloor begin to grow extensive amounts of mold, and you start experiencing structural problems. These are very serious problems that can cause major destruction to your home, not to mention the serious health problems that could occur from this type of crawlspace environment. These issues could eventually extend to affect every part of your home. At Waterproofing Pros, we specialize in solving crawlspace problems of all types.

Most crawlspace water problems are a direct result of ground water entering the crawlspace. Contributing factors to water intrusion in a crawlspace can be a multitude of things, however, the most common are:

  • The lack of an effective foundation drain installed during construction.
  • A foundation drain not functioning properly. (This is mostly due to inadequate installation, installing the wrong type of materials, or simply the drain has collapsed or been stopped up.)
  • Gutter drains not working or outletting properly.
  • The ground poorly graded around the exterior which allows water to drain toward the foundation.
  • The lack of a moisture barrier installed in the crawlspace.

Crawlspace water and humidity problems can lead to the need for expensive foundation repairs and well as potential serious health issues. Waterproofing Pros can eliminate these issues! We will design the best solution for your crawlspace water issues and improve the overall health of you and your home!

Some common crawlspace solutions are:

  • Interior drainage system: This system requires digging down to the footer elevation along the interior perimeter of the crawlspace to allow the placement of our drainage system. Once the trench has been excavated to the proper depth, then a series of filter fabric, perforated pipe and drainage stone is placed to collect the water and divert it to the designated point of outlet. The designated point of outlet is where we place the sump basin and commercial grade sump pump that ultimately gets rid of the unwanted water and allows for a healthy crawlspace.

  • Exterior drainage system: The mechanics of this system is much like the interior system, however, is performed on the exterior of the home allowing the collection of the water and outletting away from the foundation. (Sometimes this system is not feasible due to exterior structures prohibiting the perimeter excavation, such as: decks, porches, landscaping, sidewalks, etc.)

  • Installation of a vapor/moisture barrier: Vapor barrier installation in a crawlspace is very important. A vapor barrier is a plastic liner that covers the dirt in your crawl space. More importantly, a vapor barrier blocks the vapors and moisture in the soil from entering your crawlspace. Why is this important? Because the air in your crawlspace ultimately enters into your home. Therefore, preventing the vapors and moisture from the soil with a professionally installed moisture barrier can be extremely important to the air quality in your home.