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Drainage Systems


Installing a drainage system in your yard is key to protecting it from water damage. Our water damage repairs team is ready with solutions to manage rainwater and storm runoff, as well as may use drainage systems for basement or crawlspace waterproofing at your home. Contact us anytime for a consultation about your drainage systems needs.

Methods for Yard Drainage

  • Trenches are tunnels dug into the ground around your home and are the first step to divert water, whether rainwater or storm runoff, away from your home's foundation or from causing puddles in your yard.
  • French Drains is also a great way to collect and move water in low-lying areas of your lawn where water often pools like next to a sidewalk or driveway. It is a trench in the ground that is fitted with a perforated pipe or gravel for water collection and discharge.
  • Catch Basins are drains placed in your yard to collect and pump water away from your home. Catch basins are the best way to collect large amounts of water quickly. It is placed in a low level of the yard and connects to an existing stormwater system that discharges water away from the home.

Why a Dry Yard is Important to the Healthy and Safety of Your Home

  • Waterproofing your home - If rainwater is drained towards your home instead of away from it, the integrity of the home's foundation will be in jeopardy. Floods or seepage are likely in basements, as well as the foundation will break down over time.
  • Control pests - Standing water is an ideal breeding ground for pesky mosquitos and other insects. Better drainage will ensure your yard looks great and that you can enjoy it without pests bothering you.
  • Home resale value - Any improvements you make to protect your home and improve its drainage system is going to up your release value. A homebuyer can rest easy knowing this is one less thing they need to take care of when moving in.