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Professional Water Damage Repairs In Berea, KY


Turn to Waterproofing Pros for all your water damage repairs in Berea. We are experts at drainage systems and waterproofing your home to prevent flooding and extra moisture in your home. It is important to your health and safety to keep your home dry and we are just the team to do it. Contact us for an estimate about your water damage repairs project at your Berea home.

Basement Waterproofing by an Expert Crew In Berea, KY

You may be considering basement waterproofing if you're interested in protecting a new home from any water intrusion or you may have already experienced water issues at your Berea home. The team at Waterproofing Pros can evaluate your needs and develop the best basement waterproofing system for your home. If the basement is constantly flooding during heavy rains, then we may install a sub-floor sump pump to collect water and drain it away from your home before the water levels rise and flood your basement. If you're seeing mildew or can smell something musty, applying sealants to the interior and/or exterior may do just the thing to keep our extra moisture.

Berea Water Damage Repairs You Can Trust

Your Berea home's foundation is essential to maintaining the structural integrity of the building. Standing water along the home's foundation or rainwater that drains towards your home is dangerous and can cause rot to the foundation. You can trust us to help you avoid water damage repairs by installing drainage systems that will pump water away from the home to a discharge location. Let us help you with all your waterproofing services so your home stays dry.

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